Thursday, 10 July 2014

An open letter to Ryan Gosling fans.

Ladies (and men) gather around for today is the day your heart was broken. I too had my heart broken recently and whilst it wasn't Gosling, it was by the man that had held the most eligible bachelor title for many years. His name is Clooney, George Clooney.

I awoke on a Sunday morning, April 27th to be exact at approx 6.30am and did what I normally do when first waking up, I reached for my phone and checked twitter. Clooney doesn't use social media yet my feed was filled with his name. My heart stopped for a second I thought something bad had happened, I then scrolled down and read some tweets. OMG the worst has happened! CLOONEY IS ENGAGED!!

For years he was rumoured to have been engaged to one girl or another while at the same time a quote he'd given years ago about never wanting to marry again would be brought up. To clarify that quote was given just months after his first divorce and I think most people would say the same after being recently divorced.

Now I love me some entertainment gossip and even the scandals but I'm not naive enough to believe it until there's some sort of confirmation. So this particular rumour wasn't about to become real in my mind until I'd delved a little further. Well this of course meant googling George Clooney. I opened google and I only had to type "Ge" and it auto filled the rest. Apparently I had googled him once or twice before. Anyway low and behold there was story after story of how it happened, where it happened etc etc etc. By now I had two choices, go to a town I like to call denial or deal with it. Surprisingly, I took the second option. I needed to know more about the lady that was wearing the ring I was supposed to have. The more I read about her, the more I loved Clooney. This man was not marrying a Hollywood hottie, that relied on her looks or would have ridden on his coat tails. This woman is smart, beautiful and by no means needs a celebrity husband to further her career. In fact this woman will make the perfect wife for when Clooney steps into the world of politics. Which I think will eventually happen.

Getting back to how all this relates to today's proceedings with Gosling, you have two ways to look at it. The first being, damn he's fathered a child with somebody else or what a man he is, he's never had the reputation of playing up or sleeping around. He's kept his private life pretty much that and even now is still keeping it to himself even though the cat's out of the bag. In Hollywood where a lot of actors would sell their firstborn just to get on the front page, this says a lot about him and also his partner Eva Mendes. Would you be more heartbroken if you found out he was a sneaky lying cheat that had been playing up for years on her? I know I'd rather keep the fantasy alive thinking Clooney was a good guy rather than a player like a lot of others supposedly are. And while this is no consolation to the fact that he is well and truly off the market, it is a small consolation to know that good guy you lust after is actually a good guy.

None of this will help the pain, anger and disappointment you're feeling right now but do know that each day it gets a bit easier and you will start to come to terms with it. If ever there was a time to turn off your google alerts about him, this would be it. Also maybe think about updating your celebrity pass card. There's bound to be some up and coming young man that will eventually fill the spot now vacated by Gosling.

If for now you're not quite ready to leave Mr Gosling behind, then grab a blanket, lots of chocolate and a drink of your choice and join me on the couch as we have the inaugural meeting of the women Clooney and Gosling left behind. Followed by a viewing of The Ides of March where we can all swoon over our men (by swoon, of course I mean sob).


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