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As rumours circulate (once again) that George Clooney is going to be single yet again, I started thinking about when my love (ok obsession) with Mr George Timothy Clooney began. To be honest, I don't remember a time when I didn't have some sort of a crush on him.
When i was a young teenager, one of my favourite tv shows was The Facts of Life. It was basically a show about 4 girls at boarding school. Somewhere in the later seasons, a young guy playing the part of a carpenter appeared. This was my first glimpse of the gorgeous (albeit mulleted) George Clooney.

Now don't get me wrong, I realise he is sporting the most hideous of shirts as well as that hair style. But once he grinned that cheeky grin and those dark brown eyes squinted the first time, I was gone!
Of course this was way before Internet etc so getting information on this man was not so easy. All I knew was, he was the good looking guy from that show.
Before I knew it, he popped up on another show I liked and that was Roseanne. Once again it was still the 80's but as George has proved over the years, he was improving with age.

The mullet was slowly going and at least he dressed a bit better!
Of course, George's "breakout" role was as Dr. Doug Ross on ER. This where "my George" was bought to the attention of a lot of women.
Can a doctor see me now..........
Yes I felt this needed 2 photos!
The Caesar cut was a long way from the previous 80's mullets and the sexy grey hairs had started appearing. If I wasn't smitten before, I was totally in love with him now. It wasn't just a looks thing though, this man had a cheeky smile and was fast getting a reputation as a bit of a jokester on set. Nobody ever had bad things to say about working with him on set, which was refreshing in a time when there were people like Val Kilmer and Nicholas Cage who weren't as nice. (You may want to google those 2 actors, as they aren't exactly pumping out the movies now)
George went on to make some great (and not so great movies) following ER.
He played a bad guy with an amazing neck tattoo in From Dusk til Dawn
He made a sexy batman in a not so great movie Batman & Robin
Those eyes under the mask and the voice....swoon!
He made out with Jennifer Lopez in the boot of a car in Out of Sight to being a member of a 3 piece chain gang on the run in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Dirty, yet still sexy!! Not to mention hilarious in this movie.
In 2001 a movie came out that I was itching to see, it was none other than Ocean's 11. From the moment George walked onto the screen I don't think a word was uttered from my mouth. Clooney looking suave in a suit but being a cheeky bad guy at the same time. I was in heaven! Apparently a couple of other "heart throbs' were in the movie also, but can't say I took much notice.
I'd rob a bank with this man....

This is the 1 and only convicted felon I'd marry.
I drew the line at only posting 2 photos from the Ocean's franchise, otherwise had I kept going you probably would have used all your GB's allowed for the month just opening this page!
Now George went on to make some amazing movies, he both acted as well as directed and produced some fantastic movies. He has even been nominated for several Oscars and other awards. Not to mention he won quite a few also, including an Academy award for Syriana. Seeing him up there on the stage accepting awards, is always nice. As he is always so humble and down to earth and not above poking fun at himself. As i mentioned earlier, George has a reputation for being a prankster and has a great sense of humour as seen in quite a few of his movies. This was shown in a movie that came out early this year called The Descendants. George showed both his comedic side as well as his dramatic side, playing a dad to 2 girls, was also great to watch. This movie really showed George's acting capabilities.
Oh, and he played an older surfer type which sealed the deal for me!
I'm not going to lie, my initial attraction to George was his looks, but over the years he has shown to be an amazing human being. He was the person responsible for organising the Hope for Haiti Now telethon that raised millions of dollars for the victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2010. If you google George Clooney Charity's you will see the list of amazing things he has done over the years. Most of the time, he does it under the radar, trying not to attract attention to him but to the plight of the organisation/people needing the help. He even recently auctioned off his prized 2008 Tesla “Signature 100” Roadster which only had 1700 miles on it.
This man is not only gorgeous, funny and a great actor, he is extremely kind and thinks of others.
Really, what more could you want in a man? Yes, he has stated on more than one occasion that he is not interested in getting married again or having kids, this is something I'm willing to look past. After all he does love animals and I just know Manolo and I could be very happy living in Italy with him and his pets.

He also once owned a pot belly pig but it passed a way a few years ago.
So as you can see, my love for George is for both his mind AND his body. George Clooney is an all round nice guy, who needs to dump the younger ladies who no doubt think they can change his mind and get a ring on it. Give me a call George, I am more than willing to just follow you around the world, or stay at home in your villa in Italy and cook dinner for you. My number is 0424.....

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