Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Regrets, I've had a few......


I stumbled across this photo whilst trying to do my shopping list online. Yes I don't know how I managed to go from pricing fresh spinach to stumbling across quotes. Especially when I have been on a self imposed social media ban. Besides tinkering around my blog and posting a photo on Instagram I've managed to stay away for the better part of a week. Ok, I may have snuck onto twitter for a short while the other night. (Shhh)

Back to this photo....... The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride from serious family illnesses to a good friend visiting from overseas (then leaving), throw in some shocking news and top it off with numerous trips to Spotlight (Xmas decos) and you could say it has been an exhausting month! So much so that I even started drinking coffee again.

We are all time poor these days but nobody's time is more important than another persons. They say time is money. If this saying is true I'd be interested to know what the going rate an hour is for wasting 90 minutes watching The Hangover II. That's certainly some time I regret giving!

I've heard you should live your life without regret but if you read the above photo then unfortunately I have a few regrets. From watching crap movies to working for an arsehole boss or two. I've slept away a few Sundays after a big night out but I don't regret those, I've even whiled away a few hours playing tennis on the Wii, yet I don't regret those either. Oh and on a side note, I've spent more than enough time looking at Bitstrips! Enough already people! What I do regret is all the hours spent stewing over, thinking about, stressing over a particular person. These hours over the years could easily add up to months and if I knew that going rate I'm sure I'd be owed a crapload of money for my time. To make time for a person is never a problem if you genuinely enjoy spending it with them but the "after hours" spent dissecting things that were said and discussed is when the regret for time lost can creep in. Replaying conversations in your head and wondering "what did they mean by that?" or thinking "how dare they say that". I wish I was one of those people that could let things go, but I can't. I may pretend that all is forgiven and forgotten but inside it is bubbling back to the surface every chance it can. Usually it's at night when in bed trying to get to sleep. I can't count the hours I've spent at night thinking about things. More valuable hours wasted that to a person who more than loves her sleep can be quite frustrating. I have now got back into walking, for no other reason than some exercise and even though I have music playing in my ears I am now spending this quality time thinking out things. It's amazing how much can run thru your head in a 30 min walk. Sometimes I'm so deep in thought that I don't realise I'm walking back up my driveway and the walk is over. Depending on what thoughts are in my head can make a difference to my walk. If I'm frustrated or pissed off, I tend to walk faster and harder whereas when I'm just daydreaming or having creative thoughts I still walk pretty fast but I'm easier on myself.

So instead now of thinking that I'm wasting time dissecting/thinking/stressing, I can now say I'm using that valuable time on myself by getting some exercise and the thinking is just a side job!

Having seen this photo has made me look at some things differently now. My time is just as important as yours, I do not mind at all giving it to you, but please do me the courtesy of not regretting I did.



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